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Flooring Solutions using Environmental Considerations

Johnsonite hasmanaged to engineer highly sustainable rubberised flooring. From the Eco-Naturals line one product, Eco-shell with cork,has been carefully constructed using highly renewable sources such as walnut shell and cork. The walnut shell is present at 4.5% loading by weight whereas the cork is present at 2.5%. This eco-friendly flooring is produced as individual 24” x 24” tiles and comes with a wide variety of over 30 colours. The flooring features a hammered textureas standard, but some stair treads are also available. This could be suitable for many applications including flooring in Exeter.

When we need the most robust and hardwearing flooring available we instinctively turn to rubber flooring. But the Echo-Naturals line of flooring products offers an environmentally stable option. The products undergorigorous testing to ensure they perform whilst still considering all environmental implications during manufacture. Specifically, the flooring lacks many of the chemicals fond in its standard rubber counterparts, including phthalates, chlorine and halogens. Cleaning the floor is alsosimple, merely requiring a neural detergent and water.Eco-Naturals products utilise pre-consumer waste materials and renewable sources allowing it to qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Rubber tiles from the Eco-Naturals line feature high durability whilst still remaining low maintenance. The cost of the product life cycle is greatly reduced, far less maintenance is required over time. Much less energy, water and chemicals are required to keep the floor in top condition. As a result their flooring solution boasts increased resource efficiency when compared to many other materials.

By considering the environment, people and economics, Johnsonite has trulylit the way for increased sustainability within the industry. They are setting a great example of what can be achieved using alternate materials whilst still retaining the advantages of rubber flooring.Some may prefer to use a more sustainablematerial when considering Rubber flooring in Hampshire or their own commercial premises.

Students at Edinburgh Napier University Enjoy New Hi-Tech Flooring

Over 20,000m² of new high performance flooring has been installed in the seven blocks of flats in the Bainfield accommodation site in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh. With 778 en-suite rooms and 117 kitchens and living areas, that’s a lot of people moving around. The new Itec flooring offers a noise reduction of 18dB without the need for special under lays, whilst still keeping the look stylish and modern. The students have been able to increase focus into their studies whilst the flooring provides no additional special up keep.

The appointed specialist architects, Allan Murray Architects, chose to use Hyperguard+ Axento Aspin. It is perfectly suited to the specific requirements of the university, whilst providing a cosy, home-like look to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. The main objective was noise reduction and ease of maintenance whilst giving students the best possible environment to work. The vinyl flooring is anti-scuffing and easy to maintain – meaning that it won’t look tatty and untidy quickly and does not require excessive time and energy for cleaning.

Helen Crocker, Head of Student Accommodation, Conference and Lettings explained, “We had a generic brief of what we wanted from the floor specified. We opted for the recommended Axento designs as they seemed particularly hardwearing, complemented the specialist furniture and would be easy for the students to keep clean. In our experience so far the flooring is performing well and proving particularly easy to maintain.”

An even smoother overall effect was achieved through the use of the Architect specified Invisiweld joint over the hot-welding technique. Invisiweld is another development from Itec which provides an easier and neater seamless finish to a join. It uses a chemical bond to join and this gives an impeccable look to any wood, stone or ceramic style floors. Whilst creating an almost invisible join it also has the additional benefits of being completely watertight, quick and easy to fit and creates an overall stronger joint.

The Axento acoustic contract vinyl flooring range from Itec consists of Axento Timber and Axento Design. It was designed for heavy commercial use and has many sound acoustic insulation properties. Most importantly it is hardwearing, proving ideal for areas with high people traffic. It is safe, boasting a good slip resistance (R10) and has a high resistance to chemicals. The fact it is suitable for hot or cold welding means it is flexible when it comes to installation. It can be supplied in either 2m or 4m width rolls. Itec prides itself on developing great performance and high functionality with an emphasis on style and choice.

Contract vinyl flooring is a great solution for any retail or home environment due to its ease of installation and maintenance. Enhanced Floors Ltd can provide competitive quotes for fitting contract vinyl in Portsmouth as well as other safety flooring in Hampshire. Whether it is for a school, home, shop or warehouse, contract vinyl is a perfect solution. Enhanced Floors Ltd is based in Portsmouth and can be contacted for any domestic or commercial flooring needs.

Flooring Award

Uk leading adhesive company Bostik has been awarded the Light Building Materials Supplier of the Year award, held at the annual Jewson conference, it was awarded in recognition of Bostik's continuing strong partnership and investment with Jewsons' merchants. The award was presented to a Bostik management team and Andrew Bason commented "We are very proud of our strong relationship with Jewson, and are delighted to have won this award for the second year running. It is a great endorsement of our investment and hard work in supporting merchant partners at all levels, including product innovation, merchandising and staff training."

The results of an accident survey carried out by NSCC show that the fatal and major injury rates for all of its members are lower than those of the construction industry as a whole recorded by the Health and Safety Executive. In its latest annual survey, NSCC recorded a fatal injury rate of 0.7 per 100,000 workers compared to a rate of 1.9 per 100,000 workers for the wider Construction industry, almost half of all injuries occurring to NSCC Specialist Contractors resulted from either slips or lifting and carrying, which is consistent with all industries in the UK, including construction. The NSCC accident survey began ten years' ago with a target of reducing the fatal and major injury rates and this has been successfully achieved with the injury rate falling by 81% and the major injury rate by 58% to a record low in 2012/13.

Enhanced floors are an appointed dealer for Amtico floor coverings and are pleased to note that the British company announced a £6m investment in its Coventry factory, doubling its output capacity and bringing back all its manufacturing process from overseas Chinese based factories.

CEO Jonathan Duck says: “Amtico is a globally successful business and we have wanted to invest in our Coventry factory for some time. The £6m investment shows both our commitment to UK manufacturing and the strength and confidence we have in our product.”
The new calender line has taken 12 months to install, by a 20 strong team of engineers, it is now up and fully functional and will have a positive impact on the Amtico supply chain both on a local and regional level.

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